Complimentary Website Evaluation Report

Website development is our passion. We combine great design with online marketing strategy. We carefully think through your brand positioning, differentiation, lead generation and conversion strategy and come up with the optimal solution how the users interacts with your website. Our design and marketing strategy will change the way you drive traffic, convert visitors to leads and leads to clients.

At Thenordicland we design and develop websites for small and medium businesses. We specialise in brand identity, creative design, user experience, web design and development, CMS and responsive design.

Through partnership with Expand-Business we not only deliver aesthetic value but also marketing focused strategy that will help you to achieve your business goals.

Our job is to create contemporary, stunning design and combine it with great functionality.

Expand-Business offers marketing, business development, and account management services.

We specialise in lead generation (cold calling, email marketing campaigns), networking, creating successful sales pitch and improving your conversion rates.

We take care of your marketing strategy and delivery from brand and identity to social media campaigns and search engine optimisation.

About the authors


I am all-round graphic designer with over 5 years experience, working through the full life cycle of a project, from brief/brainstorm to creation and production. Creative, independent thinker, disciplined with tight deadlines. I always welcome new inspiring projects.


I am sales professional with 5 years experience in sales and marketing. Passionate about strategy, developing new business ideas and bringing them to life. I help companies grow through marketing campaigns, sales and lead generation. I delivers results through bringing fresh thinking and looking for new challenges.

We would like to offer you this free, no obligation website consultation. This is not a sales pitch, we would like to do this because creating successful websites makes us happy and we would like to find out more about you!

Let's get started!

What you are going to get from us...

We will analyse for you:

  • Your mobile friendliness.
  • How sociable are you.
  • Does Google like you.
  • How we could improve the user experience of your website.
  • What functionality we could add or improve.

We will give you:

  • Some design ideas.
  • Content strategy suggestion.

What do we need from you...

Briefly answer this few questions below and we can talk it through during our online meeting.

About you

Your current website

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Your goals

Your marketing strategy

Your design

Your content

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