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Free Stock Photography for Creatives Written on Aug 2, 2015 by Marcjanna Paszak

Creative professionals of all kinds are on the hunt for pictures that do not look like a “typical stock photos” to avoid cliché in their design. There are already quite a few websites offering free, good quality photography that is not overused and doesn’t look funny or cheesy. The quickest way is to use Stock Up that is for stock photography like Sky Scanner for flights booking. Stock Up is a search engine that now... Read more ->

When you should consider redesign of your website Written on Jul 22, 2015 by Marcjanna Paszak

Your website is your primary marketing tool and the best ‘sales person’ in the company. It exists to represent your business and build your customer base, so the data should show that it is hitting it’s targets. The biggest mistake is to invest a lot of money in a new website but do so without measurable goals and objectives. A lot of companies like new design but do not know if their website is getting... Read more ->

How responsive design helps your website Written on Jun 26, 2015 by Deni Gorchev

Responsive design, as you probably know, is the ability of your website layout to adjust to the different screen sizes on various mobile devices. Basically your website will look good on any piece of technology that is used for internet browsing today! The goal is simple - better user experience. The better experience of the mobile layout depends on various small details put together, e.g. bigger buttons are needed for the touchscreen and working on... Read more ->